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Is SharePoints 3.5.1 compatible with Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4)?

04/30/05:  Currently, I don't know.  I am waiting on my copy of Tiger from Apple.  As soon as I receive my copy, I will test and update all aspects of SharePoints as needed.  Watch this FAQ entry for more information.
5/5/05:  Still waiting for Apple to send me my copy of Tiger.  However, I have received reports from other users that SharePoints 3.5.1 seems to function correctly in Tiger.
5/10/05:  Tiger finally arrived in the mail today.  I'll be working this week and weekend on testing all the features and possibly updating SharePoints if need be.
5/15/05:  I just finished updating SharePoints.  Version 3.5.2 will be available after the all the translations are complete.  As you can tell by the small version number change, not much has changed for Tiger compatibility.  Here is the change list from the READ ME:

*  Updated for Tiger compatibility (removed Use AppleTalk button, changed Rendezvous to Bonjour)
*  Added Change Password for Selected User button.
*  Temporarily (hopefully) disabled the public share enable/disable buttons.  I have to figure out a new way to disable the public shares.
5/29/05:  Version 3.5.2 of SharePoints is available from the SharePoints webpage.  Enjoy.

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