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Picture Namer is an application used to name a folder full of pictures. It is ideal for naming a folder of pictures freshly downloaded from a digital camera. Picture Namer gives you the option to preserve the picture order, add a group name to every picture and automatically number pictures with the same name.


If you like Picture Namer, please consider making a donation by clicking on the PayPal Donate button, the Amazon Donate button or the Kagi button below.

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If someone would like to donate an icon to Picture Namer, that would be greatly appreciated as well. The current icon could use some work.

Download and Installation Instructions

Download Picture Namer
1.5.2 for 10.4.x.
1.5.1 for pre 10.4.
Copy Picture Namer to your Applications folder.
Double click on Picture Namer to launch and use.

Mailing List

You can join the Picture Namer Announce mailing list if you would like to be notified by email when a new version of Picture Namer is available.

Version History

  • Updated to be a Universal application (PowerPC and Intel native).
  • Fixed "corrupt" pictures bug.
  • Added zoom capabilities.
  • Added webpage creation functionality.
  • Added a new icon. This one is better than the last, but still not great. If anyone has an icon they would like to contribute, I would appreciate it.
  • Added a picture list drawer.
  • Added final name order controls.
  • Updated to preserve original creation date when performing rotations on a picture.
  • Cleaned the GUI a bit.
  • Added batch renaming of all files in a directory.
  • Added controls for leading zero insertion when adding a Picture Order number and an Auto Number.
  • Added character delimiter selection (which character goes in between the Main Name, Auto Number, etc.).
  • Added drag and drop support for the picture display area.
  • Fixed JPEG rotations ignoring save original button in preferences.
  • Added loss-less JPEG rotations and flips with the help of IJG code (http://www.ijg.org/).
  • Added icon thumbnail creation support.
  • Added drag and drop support for the Application icon.
  • Fixed picture loading problem.
  • Icon could use some work. If anyone would like to donate an icon, that would be greatly appreciated.
  • First Release

If you would like to contact me, email hornware@hornware.com.

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